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Shreeji Hardware

Shreeji has been synonymous for international quality, reliable service and we are supplier of widest range of hardware products to suit the finest of furniture.
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Shri Vardhaman Plywood Centre Pvt. Ltd

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Floor Spring
Patch Fitting
Door Closer
Glass Connector
Shower Hinges
Sliding Fitting
Glass Door Handle
Cabinet Fitting
Cylinder Locks
Night Latch
Dead Locks
Auto Hinges
T. V. Stands













Our Flush-Doors are of guaranteed, quality, structurally strong and dimensionally stable for both internal and external uses. Excellent Quality Flush Doors are made form select Timber and are of solid core construction. Doors are formed in seasoned hard wood battens and pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde. Our flush doors act as insulations against heat and sound.

Special orders of non-standard sizes are also made.

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