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Shreeji Hardware

Shreeji has been synonymous for international quality, reliable service and we are supplier of widest range of hardware products to suit the finest of furniture.
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Shri Vardhaman Plywood Centre Pvt. Ltd

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Floor Spring
Patch Fitting
Door Closer
Glass Connector
Shower Hinges
Sliding Fitting
Glass Door Handle
Cabinet Fitting
Cylinder Locks
Night Latch
Dead Locks
Auto Hinges
T. V. Stands












Film-faced Plywood

The phenolic glue of the faced plywood can smooth the surface of concrete easily .The waterproof coating adm edges sealed with water resistant paint can extend the working life of the concrete .It promotes uniform hydration, and greatly reduces surface blotching. There is no color contamination between the concrete and the PF plywood .It is the ideal plywood panel for architectural concrete surfaces where high reuse is also desired .Stripping is simple .It releases cleanly and easily ,with minimal clean-up required for the next pour .No heavy scraping or chipping of residual concrete is needed ,so there's less chance of damaging the panels face.

Plywood      Plywood


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